2016 Saw a Decline in FDA Drug Approvals

The Center for Drug Evaluation and Research (CDER) approved 22 novel drugs in 2016 1. Although 73% of these novel drugs benefitted from at least one of FDA’s programs to expedite drug development and review 1, a recent Pharmacy Times report indicates that the 22 drugs...

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Research Pharmacists: Supporting Clinical Trials

Pharmacists are key members of the healthcare profession, and as medication experts their contribution to the landscape of patient care has expanded significantly over the years. The role of pharmacists has long moved beyond evaluation of medication orders and...

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Research Study Participation – FAQs

Research participation can be an exciting and meaningful experience. Research participants play a role in framing the future of medicine and other therapies. The medicines and medical devices we benefit from today are available because of research studies. Let’s look...

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