About Us

Our Mission

Rx Research Solutions is a clinical research consulting and healthcare project management firm that primarily provides drug information services. Our drug information consultants -pharmacists – support clinical research and other projects. Our public health specialists, health educators and project coordinators provide program development, and evaluation services.

Our Vision

At Rx Research Solutions, our vision is to become a full-service clinical and health services research support company that provides comprehensive project management services. Our diverse team will support projects from conception to completion as experts in drug information and therapeutics, program development and evaluation, data management and analysis, regulatory compliance, bioethics and public health.

Our Values

  • Quality. Integrity. Professionalism. Service
  • A positive work environment, where each team member is respected, valued and has equal access to opportunities for professional development.

Our Clients

We support clinical research teams, observational researchers, pharmaceutical health services researchers, principal investigators, epidemiologists, academic institutions, clinical research organizations (CROs), research centers, regulatory compliance agencies, health insurance companies, non-profit organizations, medical centers, healthcare agencies, graduate student researchers, and other organizations. Contact us to discuss how we can serve your company.

More About Us

We are a small firm that provides customized project solutions for our clients. We engage as a core part of our clients’ project teams and we collaborate with various stakeholders regardless of the size, scope or duration of the project. Our team of client-focused professionals has years of research and public health experience working in leading research universities, medical centers and other organizations. We are innovative thinkers who use proven strategies and tools to meet the needs of our clients.

Nothing on this website should be taken as engaging, or offering to engage, in any activities in any jurisdiction where those activities would constitute the unauthorized practice of pharmacy or would otherwise be unlawful or improper.

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